IRC channel and etc.

Welcome to our new location at!

I made an IRC channel for Hayama Kotono… #HayamaKotono @ If you don’t know how to use IRC then google it. Also, if you do join our IRC channel.. you might want to idle… we aren’t in front of our computers 24/7… but the channel is fairly active most of the time.

R.I.P. milk/flonnezilla (for real)

He was a great friend of ours. It’s going to take a long time for me to get used to the fact he is gone, if ever.

Btw… Hako… I know you’re busy… but… you should stop in and say hey sometime.

HaKo! You need to come back and at least check in soon please.

Hyoenmadan has scanned some new Nikopondo doujins I bought.

Also, we made a separate channel for trap shit, since some people (and probably HaKo too) didn’t appreciate the amount of trap stuff posted in there. #HayamaOtokonoko

Get on IRC and at least let us know what is going on Hako!

I bought a bunch of Nikopondo doujins for you and hyoenmadan has them and will be scanning them

Probably no Christmas presents this year…

HaKo has been MIA.

Last I spoke with him in October or November he said he was slowly working on another Ueda Yuu chapter, but he’s been MIA for well over a month now. I was hoping we’d be able to release at least a chapter for Christmas, but I guess it isn’t happening.

I hope HaKo is okay. He’s probably just busy, and after dealing with the cancer thing I can understand why he’d rather be spending his time doing other stuff anyway.

Hopefully he’ll come back though. I see no evidence he is gone for good; He is likely just overloaded with life right now.

Also, I just paid for a bunch of Nikopondo doujins that aren’t scanned that HaKo wanted. Hyoenmadan is handling the ordering and scanning for us. (You hear that HaKo?!)

Good news!

HaKo is going to be fine it sounds like! Except maybe for the medical bills. :-P

He’s of course taking it easy for a while so don’t expect anything from him real soon.

HaKo showed up earlier today…

But I was asleep, and the blog was down. :(

All I know is he had surgery. Hopefully he’ll be around again this weekend! (And hopefully with good news too.)

Bad news…

I know I’ve used this picture before… but it seemed very appropriate for this post.

Our beloved translator and editor’s medical diagnosis has taken a turn for the worse. I personally have not given up hope, but if anyone wants to do any of the projects on our to-do list please don’t keep yourself from doing them just because he was planning to. If you do though, please leave a comment here or drop by our IRC channel and let us know you are working on it so we don’t waste our time if we do end up releasing stuff again. There are also some Nikopondo doujins we had a friend of ours scan that I believe HaKo may still try to do, regardless.

I did end up buying some Japanese language learning books myself, but don’t expect me to be translating anything anytime soon of course.

If you were having issues with the XDCC bot it should be working now…

It started using an IPv6 address and no one told me… forced it to start using an IPv4 one again.

As far as mew releases go, HaKo is having some medical issues and unfortunately he’s not around much. :( Hopefully he’ll get better soon.

#135 [Ueda Yuu] “Let’s Watch the Fireworks!”

Chapter 6 of Tobidase! Koakuma.


#134 [Homing] “Self-proclaimed” Super High Efficiency Maid Robot Maria

And now for something completely different!

This is an earlier story about the “Maid Robo” Maria who also appears in the Super-Satisfaction Delivery tank.


That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas gifts! Please leave a comment on any posts you liked! We enjoy them… (At least I do.)

PS. Thank you Himjl :3 (The credits page that mentions you should say “Himjl” too… but I wasn’t going to hold up the release because of a typo on the credits page. :p (Sorry about that)