[Sasahara Yuuki] On-My-Knee Princess released!

From “Shall We Game?” Ch.11

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Someone did a rewrite (ugh) of this one, so we felt obligated to do a translation. I really wish Hayama would do this entire tank… especially the “Shall Wii Game” chapters… but I’ve been asking him for a while now and he doesn’t seem to want to do it. This one was a good bit of work.

18 Responses to [Sasahara Yuuki] On-My-Knee Princess released!

  • UnlimitedSky says:

    Thank you very much for this chapter, really cute imouto. I really like the “Shall We Game?” tank, hope you work on more chapters in the future.

  • AnonMan says:

    Thanks for the release, and I agree about the tank.

    And…thank you SO MUCH for making a real scanlation of a rewrite. Was it olddog who bastardized the artists work?

    • yeller says:

      Yes, pretty sure it was olddog.

      • AnonMan says:

        After looking through it, now I remember that rewrite…god…while I may complain about NTR, nothing is as bad as a terrible, terrible rewrite…(which means pretty much ANY rewrite)

      • shame says:

        @ Anonman Yeah, it becomes especially bad when they start giving the characters western names like “Dave” or “Cindy”. Surprisingly that irks me even more than horrible dialogue.

      • atanok says:

        The only good rewrites are from newdog15, but for a completely different reason.

      • shame says:

        @atanok Some of newdog15’s rewrites are hilarious enough for me to prefer them over the translated ones.

  • noname says:

    Since I said people should comment when the story’s actually good, thank you very much, this was great. The only thing I’m not certain about is who it was that “refuses” if the parents aren’t around. The raw seems closer to saying that when alone, even if invited the invitation would be refused, it would only be accepted when the parents were watching. Can’t tell if she’s refusing or he is. Either way, cute though a little creepy that so early on they’d demand an audience.

  • AnonMan says:

    I like her hair on the first page more than her hair in the rest of the doujin…

  • Fatjoe says:

    This version>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rewrite

  • AnonMan says:

    Sorry for the multitude of comments, but I just noticed that the girl’s speech bubbles on the 2nd and 3rd pages use a different font (she doesn’t really speak much the rest of the doujin).

    Was that just a stylistic choice, or is it to indicate that she’s speaking another language like some scanlators do?

    • yeller says:

      It is both a stylistic choice and sometimes he chooses a font he thinks fits the way they are talking at the time. Mainly though he seems to like to give the girls a different font and that makes it more understandable who is saying what sometimes for me.

  • noname says:

    Actually, her other bubbles are fancy font too. I think it’s supposed to help show that her manner of speech is different. She’s talking Japanese, but she’s using extremely polite, formal language, which seems a little distant, like she hasn’t gotten used to seeing him as family. She still has her guard up and is watching herself a lot. It can be kind of hard to properly show that sort of impersonal courtesy, so they changed the font as an indication.

  • Figaro says:

    Anyone able to download from the MF link? I’ve been trying but it seems broken?

  • shame says:

    Time to put my money where my mouth is. Or rather my comment. Thank you for this release!

  • SiMiK says:

    Thx a lot, I had this manga (Shall We Game) for a long time in my “wish list” ^__^

  • joe says:

    very much thank you! 🙂
    i really fapped to this.
    And I envy that guy!

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