#126 & 127: [Inuboshi] The Light of Tsukimi Manor 5 & 6

Better late than never, eh? – We were going to wait and release the whole tank at once before releasing these, but since we haven’t released anything in so long we’ll go ahead and release these and then do the tank batch a bit later.


#121 [Inuboshi] MariMero Rain

From Comic Megamilk Vol.19

Hopefully someone will scan the new tank this is in and do a good job of it too… Megamilk paper kinda sucks…


Up Soon: Three Sekiya Asami chapters

arunin: where did you go?

#101 [Inuboshi] The Light of Tsukimi Manor 4

(From Comic Megamilk Vol.8)

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Previous chapters can be found on the Download Links Page.

I hope you bitches appreciate the amount of work we spent on cleaning these scans. Megamilk paper is the worst. These scans look awesome now, but trust me the amount of dust and crap in the paper was insane. We would have had to level them to death if me and two other nice helpers didn’t redraw most of the whites manually. If anyone wants our raws for this (without the whites redrawn), leave a comment… but someone has already scanned and publicly shared raws for this so I probably won’t bother otherwise.

Also, the rest of the edit was mostly done by a guest editor, MelancholyofAnon. Thank you for putting up with my whiny ass. You did a very good job. Much better than I was expecting you to do honestly.

Schnabeltier: Please show up and let us know what is going on. If you don’t wanna TLC any more that is fine, but at least let us know so we don’t wait on you expecting you to come back. We would like someone at least to TLC non-hentai stuff we have ready to release otherwise… If we shouldn’t wait on you, please let us know.

Also if anyone else wants to do translation checking for us please get on our IRC channel. We want someone who has been studying seriously for at the very least three years, or there isn’t much point.

We’re working on stuff, I swear!

I didn’t want to make another boring “status update” post, but lamers join our channel and ask stuff like “are you guys dead?” and don’t stay long enough for us to respond.

[Ueda Yuu] Tobidase! Koakuma Ch.01:
TL/Edit: 100%, Status is QC
(we will release it along with Ch.02)

[Ueda Yuu] Tobidase! Koakuma Ch.02
TL/Edit: 100%

Edit: Both of the above chapters are done, just waiting on our proofreader and for hako to fix something I noticed!

[Inuboshi] The Light of Tsukimi Manor 4
(I’m assuming Hayama has already transcribed this, right now I am working on cleaning it… but the paper Megamilk uses is the WORST… it takes me like 1-4 hours a page depending on how bad it is to clean up the dust manually… otherwise we’d have to level so hard it might kill the greys, so please be patient as I take my time cleaning this bitch.)

There’s some other stuff too, I might be able to get Hayama to kick out if he feels like it. That Nikopondo Sugar Pretty Baby Hayate x Nagi doujin seems like it should be very little work to get cleaned and translated (compared to other stuff). Trying to convince him to do that one once he finishes with Ch.02 from Tobidase! Koakuma. No promises, I’m just speculating… the order in which we release things is entirely up to Hayama and what he does next I can only speculate about. He also has stuff he has backed up for another non-hentai group he translates for now, so he might end up doing some stuff for them first. He’s still not “better”, but at least he’s gotten back to translating again… just don’t expect him to be super fast for a while…

On a side note… I swear I might an hero if Madoka ep11 & 12 doesn’t air in April. (Not that I don’t understand that with the aftermath of the Earthquake and all, it can’t be helped if it doesn’t.)

Any comments are welcome!

PS. We might need a temporary replacement for our translation checker since our current one is very busy with school… not that I know of any other hentai group with translation checking… so we’ll release without him if need be! But I’m anal so I like to have TLC. If you want to help, join the IRC channel and talk to us and idle… and we *might* recruit you. Also, even if our current TLC can’t do Ch.02 of Tobidase! Koakuma, maybe he can do a pass over the entire tank before we release the final version of it… and just not worry about TLC on the individual chapter releases for now.

Raws for Light of Tsukimi Manor 3

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#86 [Inuboshi] The Light of Tsukimi Manor 3

From Comic Megamilk Vol.5

Sorry this took so long guys. But here you go… I’m forcing you to download part 1 and 2 again though because we made a couple of minor fixes in them. We’re still waiting on our normal proofreader/QC guy to show back up… hopefully he’ll be back in time to QC some Christmas presents for you guys. 😀 But we found some backup for this one release since I know some of you have been waiting anxiously.

Download(batch of parts 1-3):
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New part 4 here.

Our raws for Tsukimi 2 + a small fix for our previous release

Just in case anyone wanted it… you can get our raw of Tsukimi 2 here:

Also, I noticed one small thing I somehow missed in qc before… I doubt anyone noticed… but here is a fixed page for Release #81:
(sorry about that)

All links in the previous post have already been updated, so new downloaders will not need to get the fixed page.

#81 [Inuboshi] The Light of Tsukimi Manor 2

From Comic Megamilk Vol.3.

Just get the batch of 1-3 here.

Sorry this took so long, but one of our staff members went missing and we just eventually gave up waiting on him.

Hayama has already started work on part 3, but we have at least a couple of other releases waiting on QC that are already finished…

Next up is Ch.07 of [Homing] Super Satisfaction Delivery (the tankoubon, not the series)

Status updates and stuff… the scanner disappeared :(

10th Mystery disappeared on us. So we might not be getting Vol.2 of DG afterall… and I don’t think ANYWHERE has any copies available left to order as he had to get it from an auction… also he was supposed to have also ordered a new Comic Megamilk which had part II of Light/Akari of Tsukimi Manor… so I am sad about this… hopefully he will return soon. Also… Hayama’s been working on a few different things on and off, one of them we will hopefully get released this weekend.

Anyways, if anyone else can provide us with scans please leave a comment… there might be even more than one new Inuboshi story released in recent Megamilks…


#67 [Inuboshi] The Light of Tsukimi Manor

(From Comic Megamilk Vol.01)

Finally! 😀 Too wiped out to say much else, but very hot story imo.

Just get the batch of parts 1-3 here.